water from air(water cube)


Today one in ten people lack access to safe drinking water . During summers, most of the cities face water crisis. Here is the solution. This water Cube, made of stainless steel can solve the water crisis.Know more about clean water crisis here

Water Cube:

A Dutch inventor named Ap Verheggen invented this amazing machine. Inspired by years travelling through the Arctic, where he saw how climatic change influences the local people. Finally, he started to think how to create water where it is scarce due to the changing environment.

water from air

WaterCube by SunGlacier  

Then he invented this water cube.The biggest challenge Verheggen and his team face were cooling down the cone to above freezing point without much energy usage. After lots of trials, he finally achieved it with 25 watts of energy.

The process of water cube:

Water Cube -a 20-inch cube with solar cells embedded within that which powers a refrigerator. This refrigerator, in turn, cools off an inverted cone to create condensation.Therefore, producing fresh and safe drinking water.

The small solar panels on the top and sides of the cube produce around 40 watts. The remaining energy stored in the battery fitted will be used during less sunny days. Water production is directly proportionate to the temperature. Especially, this compatible and fascinating machine is suitable for hot and water scarce areas.

“The sun is shining on the solar panels, and they generate electricity that is used to cool a surface,” Verheggen explained. “Water in the air bounces to it, and it starts to condensate. The water drops drip down and collected in a container or glass.”

Surprisingly, Water Cube produced even more water than expected by Verheggen and his team. They are now working on a next-generation of the device with a 10-litre capacity that is smaller and only needs a few solar panels for power.

Future vision:

Verheggen and his team are researching in developing a system that doesn’t have moving parts, to use for open agriculture. Just making to stick them to the ground and they make water.

Check the video for the whole process

WaterCube by SunGlacier – Ap Verheggen on Vimeo.

We, at Cityrene, build homes which could solve the problems faced by people with housing, therefore contributing our part to save the environment. We provide our customers with water from air technology helping them to get pure and safe drinking water.

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