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Top 4 Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food,this article deals with Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

Benefits of growing your own food:

Growing your own food is a best solution to numerous health and environmental problems. Even if you grow a single tomato plant or have a large garden, it is beneficial to your health, as well as the environment.

Nowadays, the food industry is filled with chemicals and pesticides which creates many health issues. As we at Cityrene focus on sustainable living we encourage our customers to produce their own food which not only has numerous health benefits, this can save you tons of money in the long term.

Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

Pesticides and chemicals free:

There are so many benefits of growing your own food at home but the most important one is that you can reduce the use of pesticides and chemicals in your food which is the major culprit for most of the diseases.

According to studies and researched pesticides have a great effect on children as their organs will be still in growing stage (developing and maturing stage) so the effects will even be seen after they grow up.

When a pregnant woman eats vegetables and fruits loaded with pesticides, the fetus is exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides and causing birth defects. In the worst-case scenario, this can even lead to permanent brain damage.

Growing your own food lets you control what ends up on your family’s tummy.

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Cut down on your grocery budget:

One of the main benefits of growing your own food is that it can save you tonnes of money. The price of a pack of seeds is almost equivalent to what you would pay for a single vegetable or fruit while you buy it.

It may even cost less when you factor in the money spent on the gas used to drive to the supermarket. By spending some money on seeds, plants, and supplies, you will produce vegetables that will produce food more than sufficient for your family.

When taking food costs into consideration, gardening can become an appealing option to cut back on your grocery bill while seeds only cost a few bucks.

One of the best ways to grow your own organic food is to use your terrace for gardening. Here’s is a video showing how to start your own terrace gardening for beginners.

Fresh product and more nutritious:

When growing your own food, your diet is balanced, healthier and packed with more vitamins, minerals. Food in its rawest, freshest form is not only the tasty but also the most nutritional.

The majority of product sold in grocery stores go through a long process of being harvested, shipped and distributed to stores. Once distributed, the produce can end up staying in storage or on the shelf for an extended period of time before being purchased, losing nutritional value.

Terrace garden

Growing your own food not only keeps you healthy and also has environmental benefits. By growing your own organic food, you are helping to reduce the high amounts of burning fossil fuels(transportation) that fill our environment as a direct result of importing foods from commercial farmers.

You also are reducing waste from food packaging materials such as man-made plastics and cardboard, that also travel hundreds and thousands of miles.

Even after purchasing it ends up days in our refrigerator before consuming it. But when you’ve grown your own fruits and vegetables, you can know exactly when they’ve been picked and how fresh they are.

Stay Active

Organic gardening is a fun way to get outside for some fresh air and physical activity. The physical activity required in gardening has proven to promote physical health.

Involvement in gardening helps to improve cardiac health and immune system response, decrease heart rate and stress, flexibility and body strength. Getting regular exercise can relieve stress, anxiety and depression while boosting energy. Family gardening allows kids to get their hands dirty and learn where their food comes from.

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Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

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