Benefits of using GFRG technology in Chennai.

1.Beat the heat with GFRG in Chennai:

We all know the current scenario regarding increase in temperature in Chennai. We are in need of a technology which can reduce the heat without spending extra bucks on it.We have a solution for this.GFRG panels can keep the homes cooler up to 4 degrees than the normal building, reducing the usage of air conditioners even in summer which in turn saves electricity bill. This technology will be very useful for hot areas like Chennai. Pay less electricity bills with GFRG.

2.Resists Earthquake:

GFRG can resist earthquake even in seismic zone V. Seismic zone V is the zone which suffers the highest risk of an earthquake. Most of the metropolitan cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta lies in Zone IV except Chennai which lies in Zone II. We, Cityrene builders get our building design from IIT-Madras, which includes earthquake design in our structures.


GFRG can withstand 1000 degree for 4 hours. That’s a big number, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s true GFRG can withstand this much heat. So even during fire accidents, the structure won’t collapse until four hours, which is a lot enough time for residents to escape and stop the fire.

4.Water resistant:

Water seepage inside houses can deteriorate the structure with time. It also causes the growth of bacteria and vegetation inside the house. These spoils the health of the residents. GFRG repels water, hence there is no problem of water seepage from walls or roofs. Even the GFRG floor slab will not bulge by releasing water, which happens in conventional construction. Even during floods with GFRG, you don’t have to worry about any water leakage problems.

water resistant gfrg panels


GFRG can save up to 30% of the total construction cost. GFRG panel costs Rs 1000 per sq.m. Who doesn’t like a house that is economical and superior to the conventional building in all ways? Buying a house that too in the entertainment corridor of Chennai, ECR at a good price with all the benefits of GFRG is not a small thing. Good things don’t stay available for long. Hurry, get yours now.

6.Eco- friendly:

Building industry alone accounts for 40% of the world’s carbon footprint. This technology can be an amazing alternative to reduce these issues. GFRG is an eco-friendly material which saves tons of cement, thereby indirectly reducing the carbon footprint.With increase in global warming situation usage of eco-friendly material becomes important.


GFRG is 5X stronger than the conventional building. This can last up to 80 years without deteriorating. Conventional buildings can last only up to 50 years.

Few years back a 11 storeyed building in Moulivakkam collapsed in seconds,I think you all remember this disaster.Conventional construction methods has this inefficiencies,for which GFRG can be the best solution.

8.Rapid construction:

GFRG houses can be built faster than conventional buildings.In this current scenario on time delivery of conventional building becomes impossible.But we,Cityrene builders will deliver your home within 90 days hence you get fast return of investment.

         “The sooner you get your home,the lesser rent you pay”

9.Reduction in construction materials:

Sand is becoming scarce day by day,hence the material cost is getting increased vigorously.We are also depleting the natural resources in large quantity.Constructing with GFRG requires very less quantity of concrete therefore reducing the usage of concrete. Concrete is only used to fill every third cavity. Other cavities of GFRG panel is filled with any filler material such as fly ash or quarry dust thereby reducing the usage of building material to the maximum. Plastering is not required as the panels will be finished perfectly by the GFRG manufacturers.

gfrg house in chennai

      GFRG construction by Cityrene builders,Kovalam,ECR

10.More Carpet Area:

Last but not least GFRG gives you more carpet area inside the house as the thickness of GFRG panels is only 5 inches.

During summer, especially in hot places like Chennai paints in the conventional buildings will start peeling off , this won’t occur in GFRG homes.

There are other benefits less maintenance, light weight etc.

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