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Solution for water scarcity: Save 5 lakh litres water

Solution for Water Scarcity,here this article deals with Solution for Water Scarcity

Solution for Water Scarcity:

Chennai city being India’s sixth-largest city struggles to find water. All the four reservoirs have gone dry and not even holding 1% of their total capacity now.

Chennai has gone without rain for a stretch of 200 days in a row, IT companies have started asking employees to work from home and bring their own water.

Even school students are requested to bring drinking water for their own. Even restaurants and hotels are struggling for getting water and some restaurants are even closed.

solution for water scarcity: water crisis in chennai

In most of the areas in Chennai bore wells have also been dried up making people depend on only water tankers. Even if people are ready to pay excess money for water they had to wait for a minimum of 2 or 3 days to get water tankers.

Chennai faced flood during 2015 but within 4 years we face severe water crisis so what actually happened? How can you as a single person can solve at least your own water problem?

Chaotic water management practices are the main reason for water scarcity. If we save rainwater and recycle wastewater throughout the year there won’t be water scarcity at all.

Solution for water scarcity-Rainwater Harvesting:

A 2000 sq.ft house can save 2.8 lakh litres of water from rains every year. The average consumption of a household is only 1000 litres per day(750 litres as per WHO norms). If only one family can save 2.8 lakh litres of water per year how much an entire city can save!!

Only with rainwater harvesting, you can save 770 litres per day.

We at cityrene also provide wastewater management system along with rainwater harvesting. We provide wastewater recycling tank in place of a conventional septic tank. In the conventional septic tank, there is no water saving plus you have to clean it every 1 month and there is no benefit with it.

Solution for Water Scarcity-Wastewater management system:

We provide wastewater recycling tank, with zero maintenance and also your groundwater gets automatically recharged. Yes, you read it right!!

We use bacteria which feeds on the waste and also provide clean water. This water is then sent to the underground.

solution for water scarcity:bio septic tank

With the wastewater management system, you can save 2.5 lakh litres per year. With Cityrene homes If a family uses 1000 litres per day,600 litres will be sent to the ground which will recharge the groundwater. On average you can save 680 litres per day.

Combining rainwater and wastewater management we can save 1450 litres per day and up to 5.3 lakh litres a year. This is more than what your family needs per year. We have the means to go water positive rather being water negative. Water recycling tank saves up to 2.5 lakh litres every year. This is the best solution for water scarcity. 

So for what are you still waiting? If you are planning to build your dream home, come to us we make your living sustainable. Call us at +918508901111 or mail us at

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Solution for Water Scarcity, you can know more about Solution for Water Scarcity here in this article.

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