solar roads


Solar roads :

It is a promising alternative because solar is being used everywhere, even in parking lots and water enclosures. So why not roads?

Solar roadway construction company founded by Scott and Julie Brusaw of Sandpoint, Idaho in 2006 is into constructing solar roadways which is a promising alternative for the asphalt road. Julie Brusaw came up with the idea of solar roads of her concern to the environment and Scott Brusaw used his engineering skills to make her dream come true. In 2010 they built a prototype and tested it successfully.
These solar roads are built with LED lights and a microprocessor. LED lights produce heat to melt the accumulated snow and ice. The microprocessor used allows controlling the vehicles with a control station.

How do solar roads look like?

  • 4.39 square feet hexagonal shaped
  • roughed surface
  • glass tempered which can withstand a semi-truck.
A closer look of solar road panels.
Solar panel roads 
Normandy 2014 by Colas Anglo-French company in France laid the World’s first solar highway . The main problem of this roadways is that it is extravagant.
India can have solar roads as it has the world’s second largest network of roads,if we make necessary research to cut down the cost.Since we have a problem with electricity in most of the towns and cities, this will be an assured future alternative.
How it works:

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