M Sand Vs River Sand

msand vs river sand

Before going into the difference between M Sand and River sand. Since we all know that river sand is taken from the river beds and it is available naturally. Let me just give you a brief note on what is M Sand and how is it manufactured.

What is M Sand?

MSand or Manufactured sand is a fine aggregate, which is used as an alternative for river sand due to its cheaper cost and availability.

One of the main reason for using M sand is that the availability of river sand is scarce since taking sand from river beds are banned in many states.


M Sand manufacturing process:

M Sand is manufactured by crushing rocks or quarry stones to fine sand particles. The crushed sand particles are then sieved and washed to remove impurities. Finally, it goes through various quality aspects before choosing it for construction purpose.

M Sand Vs River sand:

Parameters M Sand River sand
Source of the material Manufactured in quarry or factory-made Available Naturally
Adulteration Less adulteration More since the material is scarcely available
Eco-Friendly Though Msand is manufactured from large rocks it causes less damage compared to river sand River sand is taken from the river bed making the river go dry soon. It also creates an imbalance in the eco-system
Texture Angular and rough texture, making it easy for bonding with cement and aggregate Round and smooth
Strength High concrete strength is achieved with MSand Lower concrete strength
Impurities It is free from silt and clay particles High silt content


Quality Control Better quality control since it is manufactured Lower quality control since it occurs naturally

(Note: This varies from time to time)

Now, this artificial sand price is around Rs.60 per cubic feet in Chennai River sand price is Rs.130/- per cubic feet in Chennai
Usage Used for block/brickworks and RCC purposes. Used for block/brickworks and RCC plastering.


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