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Importance of green building. You can read this blog to know more about importance of green building, it's definition and the cost savings with green building

A Green building is one which uses minimum natural resources, reduce environmental impacts and decrease life-cycle cost. On the other hand, conventional buildings have a substantial impact on human health and well being of people and the planet. They use natural resources, generate waste, and emit greenhouse gases throughout their life cycle. Let’s discuss the importance of green building now.

Importance of  Green building:

Saving natural resources:


Natural resources are becoming scarcer and more expensive, squeezing already tight margins. Eg: River sand price in Chennai was Rs.25/cft. in 2012, now its Rs.125/cft. in 2018. Using river sand is just one example.  In a matter of few years we might not get river sand no matter how much we pay.


Water is one of the most important natural resources. With water no human being or living things can live on this planet. We already face a great water scarcity. Let’s now talk about the water crisis in India alone. Check the image below.

watercrisis in India

The report saying that by 2030 India will face water crisis twice as that is now. So, what are we actually doing about it? Let me tell you what we do at Cityrene. We provide water saving options for our clients. We as a building contractor advice our clients to opt for the bio-septic tank instead of a normal septic tank.

The grey(water from the kitchen and bathroom) and black water(toilet water) from the house is connected to the bio septic tank in which bio-enzymes are present. The bio-enzymes feed on human waste and then sends the purified water to another tank which is connected to the ground. Therefore, the groundwater gets recharged. When you are using the normal septic tank you have to clean the septic tank once in a month and in few localities, it should be done in 2 weeks. But with this bio-septic tank you don’t have to worry about cleaning plus you can save water.

Cityrene green home comes with rainwater harvesting and water from air technology, I think we all know very well about Rainwater harvesting, if not you can visit this link to know about it. In all metro cities we are buying drinking water but with water from air technology you can produce your own pure drinking water. This device absorbs humidity from the air and produces safe drinking water.


The cement industry is one of the primary producers of carbon dioxide contributing 5% of the man-made emission of CO2 and greenhouse gas. Production of cement and curing process of concrete emits carbon dioxide. Greenhouse gas causes greenhouse effect which in turn increases the earth’s temperature and causes climatic change and ozone layer depletion. Using a green building material would solve these problems. GFRG or rapidwall reduce the emission of CO2 and also greenhouse gases thus protecting the environment.

We, at Cityrene use GFRG(Glass fibre reinforced gypsum)for building construction. GFRG is a green building material produced from industrial waste. Rapidwall construction technology or GFRG reduces the use of cement and sand by 20-30%. GFRG is approved by USGBC(US Green Building Council)& BMTPC(Building Material and technology promotion council) as a Green building material. Check about approvals here.

A Green Building can improve the overall health of the human being by increasing the air quality inside the house.

Long-term savings of a green building:

Green building helps you in achieving long term savings. GFRG has greater life period(80 years)compared to conventional buildings(30-40 years). So when a conventional building comes to a stage of no use(30 or 40 years) you have to destruct it and build a new home which will cost you more(twice or thrice) than what cost you 30 years back. Choosing GFRG over conventional saves you two or three times the amount you are spending now with conventional.

Let’s talk the figures if conventional building contractor quotes you Rs. 1800/- per sq.ft for a 1000 sq.ft 2BHK house the total cost would be Rs.18,00,000 and in GFRG construction it would cost Rs.1750/- per sq.ft and the total cost would be Rs.17,50,000/-. In 30-40 years the cost of construction would be doubled what is it now. If we assume that the cost at that point in time would be Rs.3600/- per sq.ft hence the construction cost is Rs.36,00,000/- so the total cost of the conventional house would be Rs.54,00,000/-. A huge cost difference comparing conventional building and GFRG building can be seen, so choose wisely.

Reducing utility cost with green Building:

With green building techniques, utility costs will be dramatically reduced. Generating electricity with solar panels is a great option. This is particularly important in a world where power and water bills are rising not only a year to year but also month to month. Cityrene uses solar power for generating electricity and water from air device for producing safe drinking water, these can reduce your water and current bills by a huge amount. 1KW would cost you Rs.1 lakh for installation of solar panels. Is it worth spending? Check out the below table to know about the return on investment.

importance of green building: solar green home

The value of a green home relative to similar conventional homes should increase every time energy cost increases. Reduction of utility costs translates to higher market value.

Thermal comfort:

Conventional buildings have high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistant but GFRG has high thermal resistant and low thermal conductivity. The high thermal resistance of GFRG will keep the house 5 to 6 degrees cooler in summer and warmer in winter compared to the conventional building.

Now you know that there are numerous benefits of green home when comparing to conventional homes. Why don’t we switch to a green home and do something good for our future generations and also for ourselves?

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Importance of green building.this article describes about the importance of green building, it's uses, cost savings etc.

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