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Green Farmhouse At ECR Constructed by Cityrene Builders

A green farmhouse in ECR constructed with latest green technology GFRG. If you are planning to build a green farmhouse contact us.

We are excited to let you all know that we have started our green farmhouse project at ECR. The term “Sustainable” is for real when it comes to cityrene homes. Mr.Prasanna, living in Singapore and is very much interested in organic, green and sustainable products.

He does organic farming in ECR out of passion. So he wanted a farmhouse to take care of the farm. He didn’t want any regular farm house. He wanted a green farmhouse. After a lot of consideration he chose to proceed with GFRG technology. There were lot of GFRG companies out there in the market.

He was an NRI so he knew he cannot be closely watching the construction process. He wanted to find a builder who should be taking care of the construction i.e end to end (designing till key hand over).

At Cityrene, we understood this. We took the responsibility of addressing Mr.Prasanna’s concerns. Starting off with the design as per client’s requirement, detailing with the interiors and exteriors.

Our design experts created the 3D model of the building (exterior & interior view) which gave a clear picture to the client on how the building will look once it’s completed. We proceeded further with the execution once the client was satisfied.

We knew Mr.Prasanna might be worried about the construction progress as he was not around here,understanding his concern ,we send regular construction progress updates along with the images.

Cityrene go by the motto There is only one boss – “THE CUSTOMER”

Cityrene has taken up this green farmhouse construction and now the project has been completed. 

Green farmhouse at ECR:

green home builder chennai green farmhouse green farmhouse in Chennai

Water Crisis and Cityrene Green homes:

We face a major water crisis in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai etc. Even if it rains in Chennai all the water goes through drainage, get wasted and our water problem still continues.

If we could save the rainwater and use it for recharging the groundwater, it would make a major change in groundwater in a longer run.

A recent study published by Niti Aayog shows that by 2020, around 21 cities including Chennai will run out of groundwater.

Water is more important than anything else. Cityrene homes are constructed in such a way that solves the water problem, reduces wastage, and generates its own power and water.

The building material(GFRG) we use is an eco-friendly green material which reduces carbon footprint.

We use water from air technology which provides you with 100% safe drinking water for your daily usage. Cityrene homes generate power from solar panels. Even if the whole city is without water and power Cityrene homes will be self-sustainable.

In this project, we are using water recycling technique. The recycled water is sent underground for recharging the groundwater and also used for the farm. Rainwater harvesting is also done to save naturally available water and also to recharge the underground water. The house is cooler by 6 degree with the help of passive cooling technique.

Do share this post with people as much as possible and make a change in building green homes.

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