gfrg house in chennai

GFRG panel house in ECR, Kovalam

“The East Coast Road (ECR),Kovalam otherwise known as the State Highway 49 is considered to be the entertainment corridor of Chennai. Buying a house in ECR which is eco friendly, sustainable and economic is a dream for everyone. With us, your dream comes to life from the ground up!. Cityrene builders was set-up in the year 2016. GFRG (glass fiber reinforced polymer gypsum)panels are used for constructing our houses.Using GFRG your dream house will be nailed only in 90 days”
We, THE CITYRENE BUILDERS just don’t build houses, we create it. Our houses are fully solar powered including all your appliances. We provide facilities for recycling grey water and bio-degradable waste from your kitchen. We all know about Chennai’s heat hence usage of natural cooling methods are implemented to reduce the usage of air conditioners, making it cool up to 4 degrees.
gfrg panel
In future we may face water crisis hence we have designed most fascinating process which can produce water from thin air. Sound’s magical isn’t it….?
Imagine you are driving down a scenic route with palm trees to your right and a stretch of sparkling blue of the ocean to your left, the cool breeze whipping your hair and the sun, an hour away from setting. At this point I should ask you to stop imagining and start believing that such a place exists. This impressive place is the Kovalam, 40 kilometers south of Chennai, Tamil Nadu on the East Coast Road (ECR) belt where we have built our  house.This is exactly  near to Taj Fisherman’s cove.
ECR kovalam green building construction


The Possibility of building a house in just three weeks may seem like a joke to many. And those who intend to laugh it off should know that it is true and practicable. We are talking about walls built using GFRG panels, otherwise known as Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum Panels.
The panels are manufactured in sizes of 12 * 3 metres, weigh 1.6 metric tonnes and are 5 inches thick.  (Concrete panels of the same sizes would probably weigh 10 metric tonnes and would be 9 inches thick.)  The less thick walls give the rooms a wider carpet area. These materials are eco-friendly and hence are resistant to moisture, corrosion other damages and also reduces the heat inside the house. They can bear as much weight as bricks or similar materials can.
Since the panels come in white colour and with a smooth texture on the surface, they do not require plastering or painting. Nevertheless, you can paint them if you wish to.
Green house construction with GFRG
Advantages of GFRG house over conventional house:
  •  The nature of gypsum acts like a thermal regulator when exposed to flame.
  •  GFRG is not only incombustible, but it also protects the materials behind it from the heat of the flame for up to two hours.
  •  Light in weight compared to traditional stone or bricks.
  • Quick and relatively easy installation.
  • Lower cost of structure: savings in materials; no plastering.
  • Lower building weight (panels weigh only 43 kg/m2), contributing to savings in foundation and reduction in design for earthquake forces, particularly in multi-storeyed construction.
  • Can built up-to without the need for beams and columns.
  • Excellent finishes of prefabricated GFRG panels – used for all the walls, floors and staircases, with minimal embedded concrete: no need for additional plastering.
We are really glad to say that this is the first individual residential project constructed in Chennai,ECR using this GFRG technology. This house is of three stories and designed by IITM for earthquake resistance.
Water proof coating is done for foundation and roof of the building to make them water resistant.
One more amazing technology we have implemented is solar panels for generating electricity and  made use of power we get from solar panels for all household appliances. We create our own electricity and use them. We depend about 10 to 20% of electricity from government.
Isn’t this amazing join us now…
We build tomorrow
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