gfrg construction visit


gfrg construction visit

From left Mr.C.K.Kumaravel,Mr.Gopi Mattel,Mr.Marimuthu,Mr.Dilipan Bose,Mr.C.K.Ashok Kumar and Mr.Sam Sundar

              On 17th of December towards dusk, the graduation function of Founder Institute came to an end. Mr.Gopi Mattel, the board of advisor of Cityrene builders had a friendly talk with Mr.C.K Ashok Kumar director of Cavin Estates and Mr.C.K Kumaravel , CEO & Co-founder of Naturals Salon & Spa about GFRG construction in Kovalam. Since Mr.C.K Ashok Kumar is interested and involved in eco-friendly projects and Mr.C.K.Kumaravel, who supports entrepreneurship were eager to know more about our eco-friendly construction.Mr. Gopi Mattel offered them a visit to our Kovalam site and they gladly accepted it.

Next day morning they all reached our site and discussed the construction of house using GFRG and its benefits over conventional methods. Mr. Dilipan Bose clarified the doubts they had about the technology.

gfrg roof support

Supports given to GFRG roof panels

In our GFRG construction site:

Mr.C.K. Ashok Kumar and Mr.C.K. Kumaravel were fascinated about how GFRG technology is being used for roof panels and staircase. They also had a discussion about construction techniques used in USA and how superior GFRG is to those. Since Mr.C.K. Ashok Kumar is a trustee of India Vetiver Network which involves in the eco-friendly and sustainable development, he recommended the usage of Vetiver in our projects to make them even more cooler naturally. We intend to work together in future.

rcc work on roof

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