Whenever we hear the word Solar, we imagine it to be big, complicated thing. This flexible solar glitter commercially known as Dragon scales developed by scientist Murat Okandan at Sandia National Laboratories changes our view.
Portable, light weight, flexible, miniature, compatible, faster and cheaper deploy makes them unique.  Sandia’s microsystems produces these solar cells. The microcells range in size from 0.00098 to 0.039 inches (25 micrometers to one millimeter) length and from 0.00055 to 0.00079 (14 to 20 micrometers) thick.
Flexible solar panel

Comparison between conventional solar cells and solar glitter:

Conventional silicon solar cells operate with low voltage and high current at the cell and module level, which requires more silver or copper and adds cost. MEPV(Solar glitter) allows high-voltage and low-current configurations and requires 100 times less silicon than conventional solar cells
Another key limitation of this silicon is that if you bend or flex it, it will crack and shatter. This new technology makes it unbreakable also keeping the benefits of high efficiency, high reliable.


  • The small size of the cell makes versatile applications possible,therefore making it feasible for mass production.
  • If integrated into buildings, tents, and potentially clothing, exposed to solar energy would allow users to recharge batteries for phones, cameras, and other electronic devices.
  • Probably satellites and remote-sensing devices will use flexible solar in future.
“These solar glitters will help solar energy to become cost competitive and will bring drastic change in near future”
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