eco-friendl urinals paris


Sustainable urinals known as Uttrottoit,designed by Faltazi company a combination of flower pots ,organic and eco-friendly materials are out on the streets and ready to be tested in Paris.

eco-friendly urinals

Sustainable urinals installation:

This urinal consists of flower pots with a block of wooden chips, sawdust or straw and an electronic monitoring system. Uritrottoir, made of a sturdy material,coated with anti-graffiti paint and it has a mini-parterre on top.These materials are recyclable absorbing material, rich in carbon content which makes the device odour free.

SNCF public railways installed Uritrottoir  on one of the wet spots of the city, the Gare de Lyon train yard.

These devices come in 2 sizes, first one is for 600 users and the second is for 300 users. The price of this eco-urinal is estimated at €3,000. Time will show whether the new-age urinals could completely replace their old, grey and overflow-prone counterparts.

When the absorbing material gets filled up,the electronic monitoring system send signals to the attender.Hence,he can collect the absorbing material and  convert it into compost.It is then used as fertiliser for public gardens, parks, or even just the flowers growing out the top of the urinal.

Many other designers are working to solve the problem of public urination. For example: Nether land-based company Urilift International BV. They have introduced elevator-like urinals which rises from underground with a hydraulic lift.

“we knew there was a big demand for a solution, so we’ve come up with one. People are laughing, many of them are amazed, but most agree that it’s a good idea to test out-Victor Massip “

Here’s how it works:

Eco-friendly urinals

Eco-friendly and cost effective designs like this will improve health and sanitation that help to make the world a better place.

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