crisis in tamilnadu construction industry

Increase in river sand prices and huge demand for river sand, which hit the construction sector, have in turn affected the brick kiln manufacturers. Kiln manufactures have shut down their kilns due to this reason.

N Selvaraj, a brick kiln owner in Coimbatore district, has been in distress for the past three years. His annual revenue has fallen by 75% and in the past few months, the situation has worsened. He used to sell nearly 15 truckloads of bricks, with 3,000 bricks in each truck, every day. But now hardly two loads are sold in a week. Selvaraj is now in a fix as he has taken huge loans.

Nearly 30% of the brick kilns that dotted the Thadagam, Chinna Thadagam, Kanuvai and Veerapandipudur areas in Coimbatore have shut down their chambers.

The revenue from the business has come down by 50% and many of the chambers only run half time. The revenue for Coimbatore district has fallen from Rs 50 crore to Rs 20-25 crore in the past one year.

brick manufacturingP Dharmaraj, the secretary of the brick manufacturers association and owner of Ramya chamber bricks, said, “The first blow to the industry was when new building registrations were stopped last September. After that came demonetization. A spike in sand prices followed and now the GST is an issue. Even before all this, the real estate business was not doing well for the past three years due to land registration issues in added areas,” he said. He said many manufacturers have shut down their chambers and are waiting for a favourable time to start them.

News from The Times of India

SAND MINING IN CAUVERYC Murugesan, the owner of SMP bricks, said though he ran a small industry, he used to sell more than 10 loads of bricks every day. “Hardly one or two are sent these days. We are extremely stressed. If this continues, we will also have to shut down like the others,” he said.

As most of the brick manufacturers have shut down their manufacturing unit as we saw above, we are in need of a perfect alternative for this problem. Moreover, the sand price keeps increasing day by day. Here’s is another recent news published on August 16th, 2017.

The Madras High Court bench today granted an interim stay on mining sand in the Cauvery river till Tiruchirapalli.

On April 29th, 2017, All sand quarries on the Cauvery and Coleroon rivers under the control of the Public Works Department (PWD), Tiruchi Region, were shut suddenly following a Madras High Court ruling on manual loading in seven of them.

sand miningWhat is the solution for all these problems?

Cityrene Homes

Cityrene’s smart sustainable homes are built with GFRG (Glass fibre reinforced gypsum), an Australian technology.

They use very less sand, cement, coarse aggregate and no bricks. Our homes save 75% of sand and water compared to conventional construction.Customers get 15% more carpet area and save your money by 20% and construction time by 50%.

Not only this Cityrene homes saves your electricity bill about 5 lakhs in 5 years. Isn’t this a huge amount to save?

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  1. Great to know about your company and your services. I am planning to build a good quality and safe home for my family at tirupati, where I am holding a plot size of 40′ x 55′. Can you please advise me the cost for a three or four bedroom house including compound wall and all amenities like pluming & Electrification (Solar may also be considered)

  2. I have an idea to build house using GFRG TECHNOLOGY, eco friendly home at THIMMARAJAMPETTAI, WALAJABAD TALUKA, KANCHIPURAM. Any builders are there to build using this technology in my village. I read article in Hindu, 800 sqft duplex building using this technology at low cost at IIT campus. Is it possible for my area to build such type of house. My area is near to pallar river bed but there is shortage for river sand many restrictions. I search alternate technology, m sand gfrg

  3. 1) How strong is this building? DO you fill up concrete in the hole i.e between GFRC panels?
    2) Is it load bearing or wall bearing?

    1. 1) It is 5X stronger than conventional buildings. Yes, we do fill up the cavities inside the panels with concrete.
      2) These are load bearing structures

  4. plan to built my home in salem rural .. G+1 built in area 700sq.f…. have u do projects outside chennai with gfrc technology?

  5. we plan to construct G+2, Ground for parking and a duplex thereon at Hyderabad. Is it possible for you to send your team to Hyderabad?

  6. Hi I am planning to build a house G+1 for living, I want the ground floor to be open and a 2BHK in the first floor in 1000 sq ft, Its in a rural area of Sivagangai Dt. At present I am in Chennai, is it possible to build if not could you please suggest how much it will cost. Thank you!

    1. Dear Sir, thanks a lot for your interest in GFRG. There is no standard costing in GFRG, it will vary for every building based on the floor plan. We will contact you through email & take this forward.

  7. plan to built my home in krishnagiri dist .. G+1 built in area 1200sq.f…. have u do projects outside chennai with gfrc technology?

  8. Hi ji,
    I want to construct home G+1 in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Could you please let me know if this can be possible.

  9. Hello Admin,
    We are looking for some low cost housing technologies apart from the conventional methods. As a part of that we came across your blog and it looks interesting.
    Can we have some detailed discussion on your technology, so we can take this forward.

  10. I’m interested in building a 600sqft office space with GFRG in Madurai. Will you be able to construct it in Madurai. Can you provide me with rates and the specifications you will be providing if possible?

  11. I am civil engineer by qualification and run my own Real Estate business in Koppal, Karnataka. Interested in tecnology; looking forward to construct an apartment (G+2) in a plot area of @ 4800 sq.ft with compound wall and parking space.

  12. 1.Is it possible to build on first floor which the ground floor is already constructed(extension)
    2.what is the cost of construction
    3.Do you need space to built this because all sides are covered with buildings except front side??

    1. Hello Sir,
      Hope this helps you!
      1. Yes, it is possible to build first floor or extending the ground floor built with bricks or conventional type of construction
      2. Cost varies for each building. Kindly send us the floor plan for estimating the cost of construction.
      3. We need ample space for crane movement around the site and also for panel storage. If all the sides are covered with buildings it is not possible to go for GFRG construction.

  13. I am planning to construct a home.
    Here is the detail:
    Total Land area is : 800
    Ground Floor: 2BHK with parking lot
    First Floor: 3BH
    Bathroom in every bed room.
    How much it would cost approximately using GFRG.
    Kindly share the details.

  14. I’m interested in building a 2000sqft house with GFRG in Tirunelveli Will you be able to construct it in Tirunelveli. Can you provide me with rates and the specifications you will be providing if possible?

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