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Best 30X40 House Plans|1200 Sq.ft|East, West, North and South-Facing Plans

In this blog, we will see 30X40 house plan samples and few Vaastu tips for east, west, north and south facing house construction. 30 ft by 40 feet provides 1200 sqft of area for house construction.

30X40 is neither a small or a big plot area. This is why the demand for 30X40 land area/plot is constant.

The cost of the plot always depends on the locality in any location or region. The cost of the plot (30X40 plot) varies depending on few factors like the how close the plot is in the center of the city, nearby schools, colleges, hospitals, stores, malls, metro stations, bus stands etc.

30ft by 40 feet (1200 sq.ft/134 sq. yards) plot price also varies depending on if the plot is corner plot or intermediate plot or if the plot is on the main road. Depending on the facing (east facing, west facing, north facing and south facing) also the cost varies.

If the 30X40 plot is a corner plot both the 30 feet and 40 feet is facing roads, the owner is free to choose the house opening, most of the times the owner will decide it based on the Vaastu Shastra.

If you want to know which is the best direction to sleep as per Vaastu Shastra read this article.

30X40 house plan East facing:

30X40 East facing sites are the most preferred ones compared to the other facings (North, south, west). According to Vaastu, the east facing main door is preferred to be open.

30X40 house plan

This 30X40 house plan is a compact 2 BHK house.  This 30 by 40 house plan is an ideal plan if you have an east facing plot or property.

30 40 house plan east facing

As per Vaastu Shastra each room (kitchen, bedroom, living room) are ideally positioned. All the rooms have got enough ventilation and lighting in the daytime. 

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North facing 30X40 house plan:

North facing 30X40 plot is considered to be very auspicious. According to Vaastu Shastra. But only facing north doesn’t make it auspicious, there are more things to be done with the main door opening direction and other room placement.

30 40 house plan north facing

North facing 30X40 plot is considered as the second preferred plot.

South Facing 30X40 house plan

It is believed that south facing plots promote owners health and make their minds stronger and more relaxed. I have provided a sample North facing 30X40 house plan.

30 40 house plan south facing

As per vastu main door should be provided in the eastern direction and the kitchen should be placed in the northeast corner.

West Facing 30X40 house plan

As per Vaastu west side facing plot is considered good for future prospects, It is also said that west facing plot attracts many opportunities for growth and well-being. Below I have given a sample west facing 30X40 house plan.

30 40 house plan west facing

Building kitchen in the right position is very important regardless of the plot facing. According Vastu Shastra rules, kitchen must be placed in North West or the south east direction.

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