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This new solar paint creates endless energy from water vapour

This new solar paint creates endless energy from water vapour

Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne(Australia) have developed an innovative solar paint that produces endless clean energy from water vapour. This revolutionary paint takes up moisture from the air and splits into oxygen and hydrogen. This hydrogen emitted is captured as energy.

solar paint

The paint combines the titanium oxide, a white pigment used in many wall paints with a new compound called synthetic molybdenum-sulphide. This molybdenum-sulphide acts like a silica gel, helping in absorbing moisture and keep the things fresh and dry. Synthetic molybdenum-sulphide acts as a semi-conductor and also catalysis the splitting of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.  As a result, hydrogen is captured as a fuel source.

A simple addition of new material to titanium oxide converts a wall into energy harvesting and fuel producing wall.

Researchers who worked on solar paint:

Lead researcher Dr Torben Daeneke, from RMIT University, said: “We found that mixing the compound with titanium oxide particles leads to a sunlight-absorbing paint that produces hydrogen fuel”. Another lead researcher, Distinguished Professor Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh, said “hydrogen – the cleanest source of energy could be used in fuel cells”.

solar paint researchers

Researchers Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh and Torben Daeneke holding samples of a hydrogen-producing paint(solar paint). Image source: RMIT

Towards Future-solar paint:

Although, this paint wouldn’t be available commercially for few years. This paint is effective in a variety of climates from very dry to a very damp environment.

Solar power is not only a way to help save environment but also an economic investment. With Cityrene homes which uses solar and air from water technology you can save approximately 5 lakhs within 5 years. As a result, you can save 1 lakh per year with all the other added advantages.

Isn’t this a huge money to save?  Click this to know about our completed projects.When this kind of new and eco-friendly technologies makes their way to customers, it will move the world to the future of green and sustainability.

Watch the video on solar paint here: https://youtu.be/Ci6LKz0ajfI

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“No more water crisis”-This water cube produces water from thin air using solar energy

“No more water crisis”-This water cube produces water from thin air using solar energy

Today one in ten people lack access to safe drinking water . During summers, most of the cities face water crisis. Here is the solution. This water Cube, made of stainless steel can solve the water crisis.Know more about clean water crisis here

water cube-produces water from thin air

WaterCube by SunGlacier  

Water Cube:

A Dutch inventor named Ap Verheggen invented this amazing machine. Inspired by years travelling through the Arctic, where he saw how climatic change influences the local people. Finally, he started to think how to create water where it is scarce due to the changing environment.

Water cube-cone image

Cone that condenses the water

Then he invented this water cube.The biggest challenge Verheggen and his team face were cooling down the cone to above freezing point without much energy usage. After lots of trials, he finally achieved it with 25 watts of energy.

The process of water cube:

Water Cube -a 20-inch cube with solar cells embedded within that which powers a refrigerator. This refrigerator, in turn, cools off an inverted cone to create condensation.Therefore, producing fresh and safe drinking water.

The small solar panels on the top and sides of the cube produce around 40 watts. The remaining energy stored in the battery fitted will be used during less sunny days. Water production is directly proportionate to the temperature. Especially, this compatible and fascinating machine is suitable for hot and water scarce areas.

“The sun is shining on the solar panels, and they generate electricity that is used to cool a surface,” Verheggen explained. “Water in the air bounces to it, and it starts to condensate. The water drops drip down and collected in a container or glass.”

Surprisingly, Water Cube produced even more water than expected by Verheggen and his team. They are now working on a next-generation of the device with a 10-litre capacity that is smaller and only needs a few solar panels for power.

Future vision:

Verheggen and his team are researching in developing a system that doesn’t have moving parts, to use for open agriculture. Just making to stick them to the ground and they make water.

Check the video for the whole process

WaterCube by SunGlacier – Ap Verheggen on Vimeo.

We, at Cityrene, build homes which could solve the problems faced by people with housing, therefore contributing our part to save the environment. We provide our customers with water from air technology helping them to get pure and safe drinking water.

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Flexible solar

Flexible solar

Whenever we hear the word Solar, we imagine it to be big, complicated thing. This flexible solar glitter commercially known as Dragon scales developed by scientist Murat Okandan at Sandia National Laboratories changes our view.

Portable, light weight, flexible, miniature, compatible, faster and cheaper deploy makes them unique.  Sandia’s microsystems produces these solar cells. The microcells range in size from 0.00098 to 0.039 inches (25 micrometers to one millimeter) length and from 0.00055 to 0.00079 (14 to 20 micrometers) thick.

Solar glitter

                                                                   Flexible solar glitter-Dragon Scales

Comparison between conventional solar cells and solar glitter:

Conventional silicon solar cells operate with low voltage and high current at the cell and module level, which requires more silver or copper and adds cost. MEPV(Solar glitter) allows high-voltage and low-current configurations and requires 100 times less silicon than conventional solar cells

Another key limitation of this silicon is that if you bend or flex it, it will crack and shatter. This new technology makes it unbreakable also keeping the benefits of high efficiency, high reliable.


  • The small size of the cell makes versatile applications possible,therefore making it feasible for mass production.
  • If integrated into buildings, tents, and potentially clothing, exposed to solar energy would allow users to recharge batteries for phones, cameras, and other electronic devices.
  • Probably satellites and remote-sensing devices will use flexible solar in future.

“These solar glitters will help solar energy to become cost competitive and will bring drastic change in near future”

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GFRG house in ECR, Kovalam

GFRG house in ECR, Kovalam

“The East Coast Road (ECR),Kovalam otherwise known as the State Highway 49 is considered to be the entertainment corridor of Chennai. Buying a house in ECR which is eco friendly, sustainable and economic is a dream for everyone. With us, your dream comes to life from the ground up!. Cityrene builders was set-up in the year 2016. GFRG (glass fiber reinforced polymer gypsum)panels are used for constructing our houses.Using GFRG your dream house will be nailed only in 90 days”

We, THE CITYRENE BUILDERS just don’t build houses, we create it. Our houses are fully solar powered including all your appliances. We provide facilities for recycling grey water and bio-degradable waste from your kitchen. We all know about Chennai’s heat hence usage of natural cooling methods are implemented to reduce the usage of air conditioners, making it cool up to 4 degrees.

Construction using eco-friendly material-GFRG

In future we may face water crisis hence we have designed most fascinating process which can produce water from thin air. Sound’s magical isn’t it….?

Imagine you are driving down a scenic route with palm trees to your right and a stretch of sparkling blue of the ocean to your left, the cool breeze whipping your hair and the sun, an hour away from setting. At this point I should ask you to stop imagining and start believing that such a place exists. This impressive place is the Kovalam, 40 kilometers south of Chennai, Tamil Nadu on the East Coast Road (ECR) belt where we have built our  house.This is exactly  near to Taj Fisherman’s cove.



The Possibility of building a house in just three weeks may seem like a joke to many. And those who intend to laugh it off should know that it is true and practicable. We are talking about walls built using GFRG panels, otherwise known as Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum Panels.

The panels are manufactured in sizes of 12 * 3 metres, weigh 1.6 metric tonnes and are 5 inches thick.  (Concrete panels of the same sizes would probably weigh 10 metric tonnes and would be 9 inches thick.)  The less thick walls give the rooms a wider carpet area. These materials are eco-friendly and hence are resistant to moisture, corrosion other damages and also reduces the heat inside the house. They can bear as much weight as bricks or similar materials can.

Since the panels come in white colour and with a smooth texture on the surface, they do not require plastering or painting. Nevertheless, you can paint them if you wish to.


GFRG-eco-friendly material

Advantages of GFRG house over conventional house:

  • The nature of gypsum acts like a thermal regulator when exposed to flame.
  • GFRG is not only incombustible, but it also protects the materials behind it from the heat of the flame for up to two hours.
  • Light in weight compared to traditional stone or bricks
  • Quick and relatively easy installation.
  • Lower cost of structure: savings in materials; no plastering.
  • Lower building weight (panels weigh only 43 kg/m2), contributing to savings in foundation and reduction in design for earthquake forces, particularly in multi-storeyed construction
  • Can built up-to without the need for beams and columns.
  • Excellent finishes of prefabricated GFRG panels – used for all the walls, floors and staircases, with minimal embedded concrete: no need for additional plastering.

House Design:

We are really glad to say that this is the first individual residential project constructed in Chennai,ECR using this GFRG technology. This house is of three stories and designed by IITM for earthquake resistance.

Water proof coating is done for foundation and roof of the building to make them water resistant.

One more amazing technology we have implemented is solar panels for generating electricity and  made use of power we get from solar panels for all household appliances. We create our own electricity and use them. We depend about 10 to 20% of electricity from government.

Isn’t this amazing join us now…

We build tomorrow

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Green Oasis Township

Green Oasis Township

Green oasis township

“Hi there! I’m Dilip, structural engineer by profession, adventurer by heart. I live in Chennai. I have always been wondered about the problems around me and why no one is willing solve it.For ex: frequent power cuts, inefficient construction, environmental pollution and the list goes on. This kept bothering me and I wanted to find a solution for this. That’s how Cityrene was born.”

Cityrene builders,founded in 2016 along with my friend and co-founder Sam Sundar, and it focuses on building sustainable eco-friendly homes. This blog is about the Green oasis township by our company.

welcome to an exquisite enclave of homes, the likes of which Chennai has never seen before.

151 one of a kind dwellings set in 11 wonderfully laid out acres.

The houses are designed and aligned in such a way the radiation from sun does not have much impact and the hot air does not affect the interior. They are built using heat reflective tiles and heat reflective paint. Naturally cooler upto 3-4 degrees. The houses are water-proof, fire-proof, earthquake resistant. West side of the houses is covered using hollow kiln bricks to prevent radiation of sun.The township will be covered on the exterior line using a thicket of trees to convert the hot air flowing through it into cooler air. The township will be designed based on the sunlight, air flow etc. The streets will be covered by solar panels and trees to provide shades and cooling effect. Energy efficient solar appliances will be used in the house to prevent the wastage of power.

The houses will generate water out of thin air !

The houses are built under 90 days !

The township will feature elder care services (Medical & Recreational) and provide CCTV security systems along with GSM tracking for houses. The houses are customizable using app (Android & IOS) i.e. customers can arrange the rooms according to their needs. Township will recycle the grey water from every house and use for the landscaping purposes. Recycling bio-degradable waste from every house and using it as manure for plants and grass.Customers will also be provided with rental services. Solar powered shuttle service will be provided to the customers in the township

The township will have recreational features such as swimming pool, gym, club house, parks, walking and jogging track, activity & leisure center, yoga space etc.

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