Green Oasis Township

Green Oasis Township


Hi there! I’m Dilip, structural engineer by profession, adventurer by heart. I live in Chennai. I have always been wondered about the problems around me and why no one is willing solve it. For ex: frequent power cuts, inefficient construction, environmental pollution and the list goes on. This kept bothering me and I wanted to find a solution for this. That’s how Cityrene was born.


Cityrene builders was founded in 2016 along with my friend and co-founder Sam Sundar, and it focuses on building sustainable eco-friendly homes. This blog is about the Green oasis township by our company.

welcome to an exquisite enclave of homes, the likes of which Chennai has never seen before.

175 one of a kind dwellings set in 11 wonderfully laid out acres.

The houses are designed and aligned in such a way the radiation from sun does not have much impact and the hot air does not affect the interior. The houses will be using heat reflective tiles and heat reflective paint. The houses are naturally cooler upto 3-4 degrees. The houses are water-proof, fire-proof, earthquake resistant. West side of the houses is covered using hollow kiln bricks to prevent radiation of sun. The township will be covered on the exterior line using a thicket of trees to convert the hot air flowing through it into cooler air. The township will be designed based on the sunlight, air flow etc. The streets will be covered by solar panels and trees to provide shades and cooling effect. Energy efficient solar appliances will be used in the house to prevent the wastage of power.

The houses will generate water out of thin air !

The houses are built under 90 days !

The township will feature elder care services (Medical & Recreational) and provide CCTV security systems along with GSM tracking for houses. The houses are customizable using app (Android & IOS) i.e. customers can arrange the rooms according to their needs. Township will recycle the grey water from every house and use for the landscaping purposes. Bio-degradable waste from every house is recycled and converted into manure to be used for plants and grass. Customers will also be provided with rental services. Solar powered shuttle service will be provided to the customers in the township

The township will have recreational features such as swimming pool, gym, club house, parks, walking and jogging track, activity & leisure center, yoga space etc.