How to prevent damage of GFRG panels while transporting-Latest technology

How to prevent damage of GFRG panels while transporting-Latest technology

How to prevent damage of GFRG panels while transporting-Latest technology

GFRG(Glass fibre reinforced gypsum) a new alternative technology being used in construction industry, hence lots of difficulties are faced during GFRG construction.

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One of the major problem faced is damage of panels during transportation. Although stillages are available in the factory for safe transport of panels, it is not practically possible.

Stillages can be used only when the transporting truck have opening at the sides. As most of the trucks are side covered, this becomes nearly impossible. One more problem with stillages is that the rent of stillages is high, which in turn increases the overall cost of the project. To solve this problem we, Cityrene builders have come up with an end cap prototype to prevent the GFRG panels from being damaged.

Problems faced during transport:

1.Stillages usage is not practically possible.

2.Damage of the cavities during transport.

3.Wastage of GFRG material.

What is End cap?

The end cap is a block made of wood or clay that can fit inside the cavities of GFRG panel to prevent it from damage while transporting.

How does it look like:


End cap prototype-latest technology to prevent damage

GFRG cavities shown belowGFRG cavities image- alternative construction technology

Cityrene’s end cap prototype:

We have faced problem each time we transport panels from the GFRG manufacturers to our site. The cavities got damaged while transporting, so we had to cut the damaged portion and then use it for construction. This leads to wastage of GFRG material in huge quantity. Each GFRG panels will cost 1000 per sqm., handling it without care will be a costly mistake. We wanted to overcome this problem.Hence we made a prototype out of clay to place inside the cavities which will be a promising alternative. We kept the dimension little smaller than the cavity size of the GFRG panels so that the end cap fits inside the cavity perfectly.

Here’s the design of the wooden model of the End cap

End cap design done by Cityrene builders-latest technology


Once the GFRG panels has been transported safely, the end caps can be put to use as a furniture or a souvenir by inter-locking them together. This can be a cool and smart add-on in the homes i.e detachable table easy to carry anywhere.

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