GFRG Monumental Triplets

GFRG Monumental Triplets

GFRG Monumental houses built in Kovalam, Chennai

GFRG-Kovalam Monumental triplets

Our first project began on October 2016 in Kovalam (Chennai).

Our first project  consists of 3 identical residential buildings with 5 houses in each building. Now u get a question why 3 houses of same design right? The answer is to give a monumental look for the houses. The image shows our first edifice which we have put together. Located in very calm and peaceful area.

Uniqueness of our Kovalam house design:

We have adopted European designs for our houses.

Why European design? European house plans feature accents reminiscent of the Old World. Their splendid styling and elegance reminds us of our past while their floor plans deliver the refined style and features preferred by today’s homebuyers. Steeply sloped rooflines, swooping rooflines, balconies and arched entries make European home plans easy to recognize and also adds a touch of beauty and splendor to most of these homes giving them the look and feel of a castle. Some Luxury houses have features of European style house plans.

Staircase area is built up with colored glasses to give an amazing reflection of colors inside the house when sunlight hits on the glasses.

The grey sloped roof of the house is thermally insulated to keep the house cool and another added advantage is that there won’t be any retaining of rain water hence preventing deterioration of structure due to constant dampness.

Even the windows, sunshades are of great architectural design to reflect sun’s radiation thus preventing the heat from entering the house.

Tuscan tiles, placed on the outside walls gives aesthetic look for the houses,.

One of the most important feature is the solar energy system provided to save 90% of your electricity bills.

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