GFRG Erection Within a Single Day

GFRG Erection Within a Single Day

We planned to erect GFRG walls of the second floor within a day using two cranes. But it was a challenge for us to do this as erecting a single panel could take half an hour. So before the planned date, we scheduled the work and assigned works for our worker’s team.On 26th February we planned to start the work by 7 a.m. but there was a delay with the crane arrival. They arrived at our site around 11 a.m. Our second-floor height is more than 25 feet and for moving panels across the building we required 60 to 70 feet boom length, small cranes can’t lift panels up to that height. So 1 large crane was used to place panels in their position .

Preliminary works:

From the storage area,small crane transported wall panels near the reach of the large crane.Large crane was stationed and jacked at a position.First, small crane transported the panels near the building, then the large crane placed the panels in its position.

GFRG erection by Cityrene Builders
Large crane lifting GFRG walls
GFRG wall erection by Cityrene builders
Erecting walls with 2 cranes

GFRG Erection process:

Startup bars were extended before placing the panels. While lifting and placing the walls were so careful ,as the panels will weigh 600-700 kg’s, if any minor mistake occurs, it will be a threat to the safety of our workers. We kept this in mind throughout the day.Steel supports are given to the placed panels.

After erecting 4 panels we had our lunch break. An hour later we again started our work. Concrete and quarry dust are filled inside the panel webs. As our site is located near seashore wind intensity will be heavy which poses a great problem for erection. Whenever panels are lifted to a certain height due to wind the panels started moving to and fro. This made placing the panels in its position difficult for our workers. We managed to get through this problem and placed all the walls.

We finally completed the erection process fully around 8 p.m. as planned.

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand”

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