GFRG construction visited by Mr.Om Prakash

GFRG construction visited by Mr.Om Prakash

Mr.Om Prakash CEO of Jaspital ,visited  our GFRG construction at Kovalam,ECR Chennai along with his team member Mr.Selva.Jaspital  is a smart platform for healthcare services which provides easy access to best healthcare for all.He is one of the mentors of Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute which guides entrepreneurs in establishing start-ups.
Mr.Dilip being one among his students, had a great pleasure in guiding him through the place.Mr. Om Prakash was very much interested in knowing the details of the project and the on going working styles and speed.He kept on encouraging Mr.Dilip from the day he came to know about our company.
GFRG construction visit
Mr.Dilip having a conversation with Mr.Om Prakash and Mr.Selva inside the GFRG building
GFRG construction of Cityrene builders site visit
Mr.Dilip explaining the new technology and plans of GFRG to MR.Om Prakash

Mr.Om Prakash saw our building plans,the way we use GFRG technology for construction and was really impressed with our works.

About our GFRG construction on his Facebook page:

“Our Founders Institute’s graduate Mr. Dilipan Bose of Cityrene builders is an ambitious Engineer who uses modern GFRG construction technology.
 The temperature inside the home is 4°C less than outside and it takes 6 weeks to construct a 3000 sq.ft home. The most important thing is the cost of construction which is rock bottom compared to conventional bricks based construction.
We wish him a grand success for his project in Kovalam, ECR and such projects in future !”
What a wonderful and insightful visit it was! Thank you sir.
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